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Tokyo, City of Dreams/Permissive Zoning Policy (w/Joe McReynolds)

Joe McReynolds is co-author of a new book about how flexible micro-spaces create the spontaneity and vitality of Tokyo, and how so much the city is built on the often ...

Biden Time! (w/Michelle Ye Hee Lee)

Joe Biden's Straight Talk Express comes to Asia! WaPo Bureau Chief Michelle Ye Hee Lee joins us to talk about what Biden took away from his time in Japan. If he's anyt...

Marching into April/Japanese Castles (w/Oleg Benesch)

Japan Scholar Oleg Benesch joins us to to talk about the past, present, and future of Japanese castles, and break down the debates around them, proving that when it c...

Quick update - we're coming back!

Imagining a Militarized Japan and then Laughing (w/Tom Phuong Le)

Author of Japan's Aging Peace, Tom Le, stops in to talk about Japan's security concerns and help us think about an important hypothetical question: Ok, Japan, let's sa...

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