Lockdown, Telework, and Other Things Japan Can't Do (w/Rochelle Kopp)

When is a lockdown not a lockdown? At exactly WHAT point does an emergency become an emergency? Is Ollie pulling off his new haircut? What does Rochelle mean when she says she made "Kangaroo Stew" Speaker, Author and Consultant for all things business in Japan joins the guys to take a look at the answers to these questions and more. Also, Ollie recommends a river cruise that's following the "Dating with Herpes" business model page for page, and while the number of cases of corona-virus might not be falling, the cherry blossoms sure are. Are you gonna let a little fatal infection fear prevent you from enjoying one of Japan's top 4 river cruise seasons? http://japanbyrivercruise.com to get in touch!
Topics discussed on this episode range from:
  • Abe's Declaration of a State of Emergency for Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and four other places besides Nagoya
  • The road leading to that declaration, and the differences between western and Japanese modes of decision making.
  • The lackluster approach to prevention efforts in Japan
  • How Japan might be able to use its culture of shame to slow the spread of the Virus
  • What the current pandemic has done to stereotypes of Japan as clean, polite, obedient, socially distant, responsible to a community, etc
  • Why Japanese business culture doesn't lend itself to working from home
  • Why Japan remains technologically outdated in terms of communication and data storage
  • How everyone is spending their time in quasi lockdown
  • The difference between the West and Japan in terms of people sharing their personal experience with the virus or testing.
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Lockdown, Telework, and Other Things Japan Can't Do (w/Rochelle Kopp)
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